Where are you most likely be caught offending by active speed cameras?

speeding camera

It is definitely important to know where the UK’s most active cameras are situated. These locations where you are most likely to receive a fine in Britain. You should know that speeding is the most common driving offence committed on the UK roads. Also, new fines were introduced in 2017 to deter motorists further.

You could be charged up to 175% of your weekly wage for an offence under these 2017 new rules. But let us put aside and take a look at the most active speed camera locations in the UK. The cameras are listed according to the number of the speed offences they have recorded.

  1. Avon and Somerset, M32, Severn Beach rail line overbridge to the end of M32 southbound, a total of 22,350 recorded offences.
  2. Avon and Somerset, M4, J20-19 Eastbound, 7,483 recorded offences.
  3. North Wales Police, A55 Abergele (Westbound), Conwy, 6,981 cases
  4. Avon and Somerset, Lansdown Ln, near Eastfield Ave, Bath, 5,896
  5. Kent Police, A282 Dartford Tunnel Approach, East/West Tunnel, 4,936
  6. Avon and Somerset, M5, J17-16 Northbound, 4,710
  7. Bedfordshire Police, M1 Motorway, 4,675
  8. Police Scotland, A90 Average Speed from Dundee to Stonehaven, 4,417
  9. Kent Police, M20 Coast/London bound Junctions 4-7, 4,247
  10. Merseyside Police, M62 (Westbound), 4,243

The total of 22,350 recorded offences in Avon and Somerset were actually higher than those in 2016 and 2017 despite a significant decline in the past 2 years. According to Freedom of Information, the decline in the number of offences was noticed when there were 105,983 cases in 2017 as compared to 115,814 in 2016.

You should be careful when in these spots since this is where you are most likely to require the services of a solicitor. A solicitor from DPP Law Stuart Nolan talked about speeding offences as minor. He nevertheless, explained of extreme offences that could be caused by speeding drivers. Some cases where drivers cause death by speeding have been regarded as equivalent to manslaughter. You might not only require a speeding solicitor but a criminal defence solicitor.

Common offences tend to stay on the driving licence for 4 years. For detailed information, you can talk to a speeding solicitor to understand how to come out of a bad situation, especially if you speed through any of the locations mentioned above. Note that a speeding camera footage would be used in caught to incriminate you for the other serious offence related to speeding.

While you might not fully understand how the police work to gather proof, take care to remember to keep the speed limits, especially on these spots on the UK roads. You should, however, be careful of all speed limits and cameras They can all potentially ruin or at least worsen your life to some degree. Remember speeding solicitors do not come free.