What Are My Rights When A Wrong Drug Dosage Is Prescribed?

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The busy state of the health care systems in the UK has led to many mistakes. Some of the commons ones are wrong drug dosage. In fact, university academics published a research showing that more than 230m medication mistakes take place a year in the NHS. You could be among these unfortunate patients. Should a wrong drug dosage happen to you it is might be bad or worse for you? There is no good that comes out of mistakes such as prescription errors by a medical expert. At this point, one may wonder what their rights are.

Should any medical expert from the NHS or a private doctor make a prescription error, you may end up suffering moderate to severe harm. There are times when wrong drug dosage prescription leads to death. The research mentioned above showed that the number of medication errors in a year that could lead to severe harm to patients is 4.8m. Also, an average of 712 deaths a year were associated with adverse drug reactions. You can see that wrong drug dosage prescription is a serious issue.

You have the rights to make hospital negligence claims against a health facility responsible for making a wrong drug dosage. You then need to find reliable medical negligence solicitors who can assist you. These are experts who fully understand the law governing the medical services you receive. The lawyers can advise you explains your rights before, during and after medication and even represent you in the courtroom if you suffer from medication errors.

It is important that you know that you are entitled to a sufficient compensation if you suffer from wrong drug dosage by the NHS or your GP.  Ensure you involve clinical negligence solicitors in the making of the hospital negligence claims.

People wonder if making hospital negligence claims will affect the quality of medical services they are receiving from the NHS. Fortunately, you have the right to quality clinical services and if the NHS fails to provide that, you can sue them for medical negligence. Also, these are claims that the NHS has insured itself against. You are entitled to a full compensation if medication errors such as wrong drug dosage happen to you.

Children too have a right to a compensation if they suffer from wrong drug dosage prescription. The law, however, does not allow those under the age of 18 to claim. Their parents nevertheless can claim for them as an early compensation can help a great deal, especially when one is sick.

While your rights when a wrong drug dosage prescription happens may not be clear to you, there are experts who can offer full help. Qualified and experienced clinical negligence solicitors are the ideal professionals to contact if you need to understand your rights in such situations.